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We are a blog that write about party destinations in different parts of the world. We are a team of 4 different people that travel around the world as backpackers to experience some of the hottest parties available on all continents.

Some of the places we have visited the last year:

1. Beijing, China.

A superb place for partying and an amazing place to experience some of the top culture available in the world.

We have never gotten so much attention from people that loves us - EVER. Not even in Thailand.

2. Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Ayia Napa is just something different. A great place for parties and a great place to get a good tan if you havent used the solarium frequently. I love this place - and three out of four authors have been to Ayia Napa five years in a row now. Seriously.

And it´s not only the boat party that´s fun in Ayia Napa. It´s everything.

3. Oslo. Norway.

You wouldnt see Oslo as a party destination that would go "crazy". I mean, the alcohol is expensive, the bars close at 02:30 and the taxi´s are extremely expensive. However, the girls in Oslo are just something different.

I have a hard time explaining how good these girls are without getting nasty, so I´ll just leave it to other people to decide.

However: we are a team that travel the world and blog about different party destinations that we meet on our way.

Does it sound cool? Allright, then you´ll hopefully have a look at some of our blog posts.
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