Ayia Napa boat trips

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In my first post I wrote about Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Here is a guide (with point-system) over the different boat trips you can take part of on your holiday:

1. Grabbarna Grus (Sweden)
Grabbarna Grus' party boat is well-known and very popular for the Scandinavian teenagers located on Ayia Napa in the summer. One of Ayia Napa's most famous boat trips. Two boats, entrance ticket and cheap alcohol. There are also games and competitions going on at this boat trip in Ayia Napa.

2. Fantasy Boat Party (Great Britain)
Have you ever heard these stories about teenagers on Ayia Napa playing sex games and gettin drunk on a party boat?
Fantasy Boat Party it is. If you go to Ayia Napa for wild partying, this is the place. The boat trip sellers are at every point aware of that there are one girl to one guy at every "cruise",which really tells everything about what's it all about. The absolutely most wild Ayia Napa boat trip you can ever imagine!

3. Black Pearl (Great Britain)
Black Pearl is a concept driven by the same people who are the owner of Fantasy Boat Party. Many people have told me that they look on Black Pearl as a "light version" of Napa Queen, but I'm not sure this is the right thing to say. None of Ayia Napa's boat trips are boring, but I think this is the closest you can come a "quiet holiday boat trip in Ayia Napa".

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