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We are a team of four guys from Sweden and Denmark in our mid 20´s travelling the world to experience some of the hottest party destinations available in the world. Thank you for visiting.


Take care of your skin on a party holiday

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Do you want to look like a raisin when you are 50 years old? No?

Well, there are some things that can make you look horrible when you get older. Not taking care of your skin is one of them.

I have been to party holidays every year since 2010 and can tell you one thing; young people are VERY bad at taking care of their skin. I see so many people who think that "sun cancer doesn´t happen to me" or say that "I have to get my tan - why would I use sunblock?".

Those kind of thoughts are unfortunately too common in the world we are now living in.

You have to be careful about these things when you are on party holiday:

- Use sunblock every day.
- Do not care more about your tan than your health.
- Take care of your friends and make sure they follow the same strict regime as you do.
- Have fun.

This is a guest post from the owner of The Beauty Diva - a fashion/makeup blog.

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Hottest girls in the world: 6-10

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We have earlier mentioned that we think Spanish, Argentinian, Latvian and Russian girls are the hottest in the world. In addition to Sweden of course - the winner that never will fall of the throne.

However, we thought that we wanted to make a list over the "second best" ones as well.

10. Canada

 Women from Canada gets praised in the award - Canadians are a warm and welcome peoples. The country is on a par with southern neighbor a melting pot of people from all over the world, and that is precisely what they are noted for. A plethora of extremely beautiful women of different ethnicities get is a tenth place in the ranking.
9. Netherlands

 The long-legged, blonde and tall women in the Netherlands comes at a good ninth place. Good humor and a relaxed attitude to life taken as generally good qualities.

8. Denmark

 The Danish women have previously topped some of the beauty contests and is obviously included in the list this year as well - blonde, blue-eyed and happy as they are.

7. Colombia

 Although there are neighboring Venezuela usually wins Miss World and Miss Universe, then Colombia boasts some of the world's finest women. They are simply a little more sexy than its neighbor, it is stated in the award.

6. South Korea

 Women from South Korea beats out all its sister countries in Asia. The country's fashion and music industry boulevards filled with beautiful women.

If you haven´t been to these countries and partied: it´s about time. We can really recommend both Seoul and Amsterdam as good party destinations you would simply love.
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Which country has the most sexy girls in the world?

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After travelling A LOT together, we found out that we wanted to give some attention to the countries that got the most beautiful (and sexy) girls in the world.
Good day everyone. We will show you the top 5 countries in the world that has the most beautiful women. As we all know, you can find sexy girls "everywhere". However, some countries do have a better "sexy density" than others, and that´s what we are going to show you.
Btw: We will not include Sweden, the country we live in, because Sweden would have won this contest anyway.
Remember that the order has nothing and say, this is the top 10, so the number 1 is not better than number 10, for example.
Number 1: Latvia

Nothing beats Latvia. You can see girls in hotpants with blonde long hair wherever you walk, which is a great thing. A really great thing.

We have tried to party in Riga, which is not a very excellent experience to be honest (a lot of mafia driven bars and restaurants), but the girls are great. However, getting an east european girl home for a one night stand is what I would actually call "impossible".

They just tend to like long relationships, which...sort fair.

Number 2: Brazil

The density might not be as good as in Latvia, but Brazil do have a lot of beautiful girls. Have you ever seen footage of the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro?

If not, I would suggest that you take a Google search immideately  - and you will understand the reason why this country is ranked number 2 on the most sexy girls in the world.

Are we talking about the world's most beautiful women and make a top 10 list can not be excluded Brazil. Brazil is known for its women and especially bodies. Worldwide know most of us ladies from Brazil have butts, that's what Brazil is known for when it comes to beauty and women. Most look very sporty and most very well-trained, so with the perfect ass and not least appearance this is a country where the world's most beautiful women come from.

PS! Did you know that Brazil has it´s own "best ass" competition every year?

It is very famous and popular among people all over the world. And yes, you can Google long as you are at home and not on work/school.

Number 3: Spain

Spain can more than playing football.

Hispanic women are known to be friendly and not least known for its beauty. They also love and attachment, it is not that much more and say but everyone knows, at least most of us that Hispanic women need to be placed on the list of world's most beautiful. Hispanic women are on the border with Brazilian, Portuguese and women from Argentina.

Number 4: Argentina

Leo Messi. Bueno Aires. Argentinian tapas. Incredibly hot girls.

This country has a lot to be proud of.

Argentina. Where do we start?
from Argentina and not least from Bueno Aires have repeatedly been on the list of world's most beautiful women. As Brazil is also Argentina known for beautiful women, most women have a nice ass and slim and nice body. The women here are also very interested in fashion, and it fits the perfect? beauty and fashion, no wonder they are on the list of world's most beautiful

Number 5: Russia

Russia has always been seen as the country with lots of fine, beautiful women. The stand also really like the pageant, they have virtually perfect skin and a slim and nice body. But one thing is being said is that they are more aggressive than other women from other parts of the world, but they have to get on our list simply because they are sexy ..
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We are a blog that write about party destinations in different parts of the world. We are a team of 4 different people that travel around the world as backpackers to experience some of the hottest parties available on all continents.

Some of the places we have visited the last year:

1. Beijing, China.

A superb place for partying and an amazing place to experience some of the top culture available in the world.

We have never gotten so much attention from people that loves us - EVER. Not even in Thailand.

2. Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Ayia Napa is just something different. A great place for parties and a great place to get a good tan if you havent used the solarium frequently. I love this place - and three out of four authors have been to Ayia Napa five years in a row now. Seriously.

And it´s not only the boat party that´s fun in Ayia Napa. It´s everything.

3. Oslo. Norway.

You wouldnt see Oslo as a party destination that would go "crazy". I mean, the alcohol is expensive, the bars close at 02:30 and the taxi´s are extremely expensive. However, the girls in Oslo are just something different.

I have a hard time explaining how good these girls are without getting nasty, so I´ll just leave it to other people to decide.

However: we are a team that travel the world and blog about different party destinations that we meet on our way.

Does it sound cool? Allright, then you´ll hopefully have a look at some of our blog posts.
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New design

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We got a new design on our website.

I am trying to get it to fit the "holiday travel blog" concept as much as possible, so I think you will have to give me a couple of days on how to figure it out.

Anyway: welcome to our blog about party destinations all over the world.

I am more than happy to answer all of your questions regarding those questions and I hope that you find this website to be allright.

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Rent an apartment in downtown Shanghai

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Have you ever been to Shanghai? No?

It´s one of the main destinations in Asia for backpackers and young students who want to travel the world before they start their education. A lot of bars, nightclubs and restaurants are available all over the city - so it´s not very important to really live downtown.

However, there are some places that are better than other.

And if you need some expert opinions on where to live in Shanghai you could always visit some of these websites:


A great database for checking different hotels and hostels in Shanghai. Their location guide helps you to rent a place to live that is close to the city centre.



If you want an apartment for short-term rent in Shanghai, is a great alternative.


- Property rent shanghai

If you are looking for a long-term rent you can always visit "property rent shanghai" , which is a real estate company based in Shanghai.

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Party party in China

There are good possibilities for partying in China. I have been in Beijing many times and had a great time there - around the student universites you will find an incredible amount of night clubs and bars that are excellent.

Of course - Shanghai might be the best. But again, how many people are really interested going to Shanghai compared to Beijing?

I dont know really. I found this website talking about China being the best party country in the world...hehe.

I would be amazed if you could find night clubs and stuff in China that beats good old Cancun, Mexico.
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New site

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We are trying to do some work at this blog at the moment.

We will provide you information about party places all over the world, but we have to do some redesign work just now in a couple of weeks.
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Ferie i Barcelona eller Gilleleje?

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Mange vil nok si at man må passe seg når man skal på ferie til storbyer i Europa. Lommetyver er blitt en del av bybildet, noe som selvfølgelig er veldig synd. Barcelona er et mekka for lommetyver, noe du bør vite før du drar dit.

I Danmark er det noe annet som er problemet. Bloggen om Dancenter gir et blikk på hvordan de behandler kundene sine, noe som selvfølgelig er et helt tydelig problem i reiselivsbransjen. Et utrolig stort firma som helt tydelig sliter med å ta vare på kundene.
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Lån og låneavtale

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1. Det er enkelt å sette opp en låneavtale. Gjelder det større beløp, ta med ett eller to vitner som også signerer avtalen.

2. Det må være lov å "purre" - selv på mindre beløp. Send en SMS eller mail, om du synes det er kjipt å si det ansikt til ansikt. Si du var lovet å få tilbake pengene xx dato, og det nå har gått x dager over tiden.

3. En låneavtale/kontrakt, er ofte ikke verd papiret det er skrevet på, dersom det er små-beløp, og/eller avtalen er formelt utformet feil. Dersom du låner ut ett større beløp, sørg for en avtale med vitne/r, en nedbetalingsplan, renter osv. Skulle det "gå til skogen" så er skriftlige purringer viktige å kunne dokumentere. Senere er innkrevingen mer komplisert, innkassovarsel, overlate oppdraget til innkassobyrå, og til syvende og sist gå til namsmannen - men da har sannsynligvis vennskapet også røket for lenge siden.

Les mer om lån og generell økonomi rundt omkring på siden her.

Har du en god kompis som står i ei knipe, og du kan avse ett mindre beløp, la han/hun heller få noen kroner, om du har dette til overs selv. Gode venner stiller opp for hverandre. Du selv kan være i en situasjon senere i livet, der vennetjenester er viktig.

Som mange andre sier; ikke lån ut til personer når du har problemer med å få dem tilbake. Dersom du selv er den som vanskelig får til å "purre" på pengene, så vil du fort bli sett på som "glemsk" eller "dumsnill" og dermed bli utnyttet. Den/de som låner, har ikke glemt det - virker heller som de håper du glemmer...
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