Which country has the most sexy girls in the world?

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After travelling A LOT together, we found out that we wanted to give some attention to the countries that got the most beautiful (and sexy) girls in the world.
Good day everyone. We will show you the top 5 countries in the world that has the most beautiful women. As we all know, you can find sexy girls "everywhere". However, some countries do have a better "sexy density" than others, and that´s what we are going to show you.
Btw: We will not include Sweden, the country we live in, because Sweden would have won this contest anyway.
Remember that the order has nothing and say, this is the top 10, so the number 1 is not better than number 10, for example.
Number 1: Latvia

Nothing beats Latvia. You can see girls in hotpants with blonde long hair wherever you walk, which is a great thing. A really great thing.

We have tried to party in Riga, which is not a very excellent experience to be honest (a lot of mafia driven bars and restaurants), but the girls are great. However, getting an east european girl home for a one night stand is what I would actually call "impossible".

They just tend to like long relationships, which...sort of....is fair.

Number 2: Brazil

The density might not be as good as in Latvia, but Brazil do have a lot of beautiful girls. Have you ever seen footage of the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro?

If not, I would suggest that you take a Google search immideately  - and you will understand the reason why this country is ranked number 2 on the most sexy girls in the world.

Are we talking about the world's most beautiful women and make a top 10 list can not be excluded Brazil. Brazil is known for its women and especially bodies. Worldwide know most of us ladies from Brazil have butts, that's what Brazil is known for when it comes to beauty and women. Most look very sporty and most very well-trained, so with the perfect ass and not least appearance this is a country where the world's most beautiful women come from.

PS! Did you know that Brazil has it´s own "best ass" competition every year?

It is very famous and popular among people all over the world. And yes, you can Google it...as long as you are at home and not on work/school.

Number 3: Spain

Spain can more than playing football.

Hispanic women are known to be friendly and not least known for its beauty. They also love and attachment, it is not that much more and say but everyone knows, at least most of us that Hispanic women need to be placed on the list of world's most beautiful. Hispanic women are on the border with Brazilian, Portuguese and women from Argentina.

Number 4: Argentina

Leo Messi. Bueno Aires. Argentinian tapas. Incredibly hot girls.

This country has a lot to be proud of.

Argentina. Where do we start?
from Argentina and not least from Bueno Aires have repeatedly been on the list of world's most beautiful women. As Brazil is also Argentina known for beautiful women, most women have a nice ass and slim and nice body. The women here are also very interested in fashion, and it fits the perfect? beauty and fashion, no wonder they are on the list of world's most beautiful

Number 5: Russia

Russia has always been seen as the country with lots of fine, beautiful women. The stand also really like the pageant, they have virtually perfect skin and a slim and nice body. But one thing is being said is that they are more aggressive than other women from other parts of the world, but they have to get on our list simply because they are sexy ..
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