Top 5 party destinations - summary with videos and pictures!

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I've decided to give you information about the five largest party destinations in the World with YouTube-movies and pictures.

1. Agia Napa, Cyprus.

In this video, you witness one of the "boat parties" in Ayia Napa were teenage boys and girls get drunked for free. (you just have to pay for the ticket...)
You can watch the whole summary written of the largest party destination another place in the blog. If you want more information about Agia Napa, Cyprus as one of the World's best party destinations, you can visit:

2. Miami, Florida

Miami has everything you are looking for. After a day at the beaches or attractions you may want to relax at one of Miami's many bars or cocktail lounges. If you got any more to come, visit night clubs ranging from hard rock to the blues for a night of dancing and entertainment. You an also visit some clubs with live music or strip clubs without limits. No matter what kind of entertainment you are looking for after sunset - Miami is absolutely the place to be!

3. Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun is also one of the World's best party places. In fact, for some it might be the best. When you travel to Cancun, you discover early the laidback life of the Mexicans in daylight. But when the time passes 8 PM, the whole city is turned up side down. This place, which is one of the best party destinations in America, is a popular spring break destination for many americans.

The party atmosphere goes from 1 to 10 in just hours, and many bars are marketing with "buy 3, get 2 for free"... which means that you and your buddies would probably have one of your best night ever that night!

4. Ibiza, Spain

This is the place that have been used for parties for many years! Your mother or father were probably partying in Ibiza. Why it's easy: take the best clubs and DJs in the world; add a cosmopolitan mix of clubbers and holiday makers bent on having it; and then throw in some stars, celebrities and models for good measure; and what do you get? You get the summer party capital of the world...

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

We've all seen it in the movies - babes, poker, gambling and alcohol. Las Vegas has it all. If you want to use a lot of money on things you don't really need for having a good time - Las Vegas is the place. Watch the video and enjoy what is going to be your best holiday ever.

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