Get a job in Ayia Napa, Cyprus in the summer!

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Ayia Napa is the main party capital in Europe, and the most famous resort town in Cyprus. It's claim to fame is the hedonistic party culture that exists here in the summer months. Ayia Napa compete with Ibiza, Mykonos and Magaluf to get most of the Scandinavian youngsters to party in the summer. You can read more about Ayia Napa, Cyprus at other places on !

Many young tourists are not content with only staying here for a week or two, they want a longer stay. As you may already be painfully aware of, it's very expensive to party on full throttle for months. Many people wants to go to work in these sort of party places.

So, which jobs can you get in Ayia Napa, Cyprus? Clubs and bars need people for various positions. Some of the jobs you can get includes promo boys or girls, dancers, bartenders, DJs, strippers and waiters/waitresses. It's recomended to do the "Grabbarna Grus barskolan" which is Swedish, but I think there is possibilites to teach bartending in English as well.

The wage is not much, but everyone that works in Ayia Napa gets an apartment and can afford food. Depending on your position you are paid 30-50 euros per night of work. Not only do you get paid, you also get the extras that come with the job: Free drinks and a lot of attention from the other party people in town!

How to get a job? If you do not have any contacts or know anyone on before hand, the best solution is to arrive in Ayia Napa early in the season - April/May/June and walk around to the various places and ask for work. This way you can get yourself a job as a waiter or waitress or other good jobs.

If you arrive late in the season the good jobs are taken and you are left with the promo jobs and you therefore have to stand outside clubs and bars and pull people in, which really isn't a good job. Happy job search in Europe's party capital; Ayia Napa, Cyprus!

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