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This is a list of what cities you should visit in Europe if you want to party. If you didn't know, the big cities in Europe is great places to be for some good nightlife. Of course, the well-known party destinations as Ayia Napa and Magaluf are the best in the summer. But you'll find very much joy and very good DJ's and a lot of students running around in the big cities when you visit for example London, Berlin or Reikjavik.

Actually, London is famous for their nightlife!
I've read a list over good bars, pubs and night clubs. You can read it here.
The thing about London's nightlife is that it is endless with people. On a friday or saturday you find up to 500,000 people going out in the street partying. If you're only going city-partying once; choose London as your party destination!

The other cities on my top 10 party list will be these:
2. Reikjavik, Iceland
3. Prague, Chzeck
4. Athen, Greece
5. Berlin, Germany
6. Hamburg, Germany
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Rome, Italy
10. Oslo, Norway

If you want to know anything else about European party in cities, party destinations in europe or anything else, feel free to add a comment!
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