Rent an apartment in downtown Shanghai

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Have you ever been to Shanghai? No?

It´s one of the main destinations in Asia for backpackers and young students who want to travel the world before they start their education. A lot of bars, nightclubs and restaurants are available all over the city - so it´s not very important to really live downtown.

However, there are some places that are better than other.

And if you need some expert opinions on where to live in Shanghai you could always visit some of these websites:


A great database for checking different hotels and hostels in Shanghai. Their location guide helps you to rent a place to live that is close to the city centre.



If you want an apartment for short-term rent in Shanghai, is a great alternative.


- Property rent shanghai

If you are looking for a long-term rent you can always visit "property rent shanghai" , which is a real estate company based in Shanghai.

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