Don't go to Bulgary - choose Ayia Napa 2010!

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DO NOT go to Bulgaria!
Fair enough, it is absolutely sick much partying down there and you can have fun, but you should know the following:

-Local people are the worst I've ever seen. They are ONLY looking for money.
-Mafian control everything down there, so get some problems then you're badly off, and do not say you do not get in trouble, because it is actually incredibly easy.
-The food consists of shit. We were 12 people that went down, and I was the only one that was not food poisoning. The food is packed with bacteria and other muck.
-The police are corrupt, actually it is not the police even when you think about it.
-The place is packed by cheating chicks.
-The place is flooded by drugs and other bull.
-Any attempt to defraud you of money.
Mini Banks are stuffed with "skimmers"

I hope you realize that a trip to Bulgaria is no news, but by all means, if you want, then go.

Instead, you can really visit Ayia Napa in 2010 without any concerns! Here's a video from Ayia Napa, Cyprus:

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