Party city Ayia Napa!

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I was there many years ago, party city Ayia Napa I would say. The beach is probably so-so, but you sleep well on the day .... (no, it is OK it). Try "Slingshot", it was an experience I late forget. You sit in a kind of basket and thrown 100 feet into the air while experiencing up to 6g in acceleration ..... The way it works is that it tightens up the steel wave pure holding basket with springs, and when the pressure is maximum, release the pressure and you thrown in the air. They have cameras in the basket so you will be shot, cool and look at afterwards. Not so expensive to buy a tape to carry with you in Ayia Napa....
You can take a lot of great pictures from the nightlife, the beaches and the other party people in Ayia Napa!

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