This is the party life in Prague, Czech Republic!

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You might have heard that Prague in the old communist eastern Europe is one of the best international cities to visit if you want to have a nice party experience? That's a fact, not a lie. Here's a guide to one of the World's best party places- Prague in Czech Republic.

Many people are going to Prague with about 20 people on the age of 18 years. There was no problems using VISA cards there, and there were ATMs everywhere. We spent a week on alcohol , and it is enough to keep your photographing to one simple day, this is one of Europe's best party places. There is plenty to look at, but everything is on a relatively small area, so it does not take so long. We were at various spots, but there was a pub / bar we went to almost every day to get started. The hot Harleys. It was incredibly good mood there, and very nice people. Almost all speak English, so it's not hard to get in touch with people either.

You got two interesting museums in Prague, the museum of sex and the torture museum. I've only been to the museum of torture, and that was pretty interesting. But if you have the opportunity to visit both, I will strongly recommend it. Prague is a city with big party factor, but they also have some good "chill out"-opportunities.

There is no point walking in the street alone at night. Many taxi drivers in Prague is not really having their best time of their life at every point, and there are actually a good number of criminals in Prague at any time. I've heard of many people in Prague (one of the World's best party places) who were robbed of mobile phone and money, they are extremely skilled in pocket thefts.

Check out Goldfinger, hiclass strip club, but also check out the more dirty strip clubs in Prague, you can find everywhere ...
Make sure taxi drivers drive you to the club they get commission from. Feel free to schedule, or let a little on their own.
There is no point making the taxi drivers angry - you will regret it. Then you should be able to take a nice trip with the boys to one of the World's best party places - Prague, Czech Republic!

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