What to experience in Alanya, Turkey? Party place number one!

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As long as you are in the Alanya do you live in central matter. It is the head no trouble getting around the city and experience different things.
I have both lived in the Oba (the far east of the city) and on since Cleopatra (far west).
- Taxi. Costs incredibly low, but remember that it may be cheaper to contract price in advance with the driver.
- Bus. The small buses that run around and around in Alanya day long with 5 minutes, costs virtually nothing.
- Take a walk. We stayed at the Cleopatra later this year and we spasserte almost every night into the city center where the night clubs and such lies.

One thing you should be aware of when it comes to Turkey and Alanya generally sellers! These can easily irritate the shit out of you, and you learn as vacation days is that it's best just to smile, move quickly past and keep quiet. Never go into a supermarket typpisk with faike clothes just for "looking a bit". They can easily be found to tear off your clothes and kick at you if you do not buy a garment. In all such "Jalla" forettninger are also required to bargain - something that may be sick hurry in length.
The most busy is the sellers who will sell you a boat trip and other excursions as well as the owners of supermarkets with faikede clothes.

I was also into real stores (ala H & M), which says fixed prices for things and you can walk in peace and quiet and act what you want yourself. Is not much more expensive in such forettninger either.
Should you reach vase you into a forettning you will get the question "Where are you from, my friends?" (yes everyone is his best friend - until you do not buy anything) find that by all means not to say "I` m from Norway! " Prices are then. Say either "I` m from poland "in slightly broken English. It works :-)

Where are the best party places in Alanya:
The price level of alcohol in local pubs, restaurants etc.. is usually very low. An Efes beer 0.5 L costs around 3.5 lira - which is 1.5£. In fact, it is usually cheaper to drink beer with your food than to grab a Coke.
Inside the Club and the bustling pubs in the center is the price level of alcohol higher. You must put a good 50 patch on the table for a good, but the big drink.
In general, it is cheap to drink in Turkey, especially whether the same is similar for hospital prices here in Norway. But whether you sit down, take a couple of beers, a few drinks and a little like the one by clubland you get a good bill of 150 lire. 150 x 4 = 600, --

- Roobin Hood. This marks the very nicely in the center with a multi-storey high house with flashing lights around all rekverkene. There will also be "Latino club" on the building. Here in the high party factor, but beware that it may be extremely hot in there in high season. We did not stay there longer than about 20 minutes because of the heat!

- Havana Club. Very nice place where you can either chille or dance wildly. Here you have no heat issue as roobin hood has. Here is the open roof and much more comfortable place to be.

- The Doors. Rock club nr 1 in Alanya! Here plays the beloved Tunes. Vedig good stemmning.

A place you must visit is havana beach club!
You pay 50 Tyl (17, - £!) For input. In there you can eat from a superb buffet and drink so much you just can stand all night. Transportation from the hotel and everything is fixed. You enter only the hotel's name so they come with their own mini bus and pick you up. You can easily book this evening by the selling boating or order it at Havana Club in the center.
I enjoyed me on the beach party, and we met many nice Norwegians. It was certainly the best night I had down there.
Separate flame shows and fun toys between countries, not least a very high party factor. This is one of the absolut favorites on one of the world's best party places - Alanya in Turkey!
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