Take care of your skin on a party holiday

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Do you want to look like a raisin when you are 50 years old? No?

Well, there are some things that can make you look horrible when you get older. Not taking care of your skin is one of them.

I have been to party holidays every year since 2010 and can tell you one thing; young people are VERY bad at taking care of their skin. I see so many people who think that "sun cancer doesn´t happen to me" or say that "I have to get my tan - why would I use sunblock?".

Those kind of thoughts are unfortunately too common in the world we are now living in.

You have to be careful about these things when you are on party holiday:

- Use sunblock every day.
- Do not care more about your tan than your health.
- Take care of your friends and make sure they follow the same strict regime as you do.
- Have fun.

This is a guest post from the owner of The Beauty Diva - a fashion/makeup blog.

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